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Communication between elected officials and citizens

is crucial. It's the difference between protests or parades. 
On our platform, you can speak directly to your elected officials and build safer and better communities.
Our Meaning

Vurple means to, "Voice Your Purple Opinion." Why Purple? When you take the American flag and merge the red, the white, and the blue, you get Purple. It's about unity and the merging of ideas to build safer and better communities.

Our Vision

To be the bridge of effective communication for safer and better communities.


Vurple’s proprietary engine leverages AI and ML to provide real-time analysis of political discourse with; constituent demographics, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, and summarization.

Who are we

How our civic engagement platform works

How our civic engagement platform works

1. Decisions

The mayor of Minneapolis and his 13 council members are wanting to make a vaccine mandate that will affect all 439,012 of their constituents.

3. Community Network

Not only are people heard but thousands of others participate and interact... In real-time.

2. Vurple

The mayor streams live and thousands of his constituents view and interact with him. During the Vurple Live, he sees analytics and there is one comment that was UpVoted thousands of times.

4. Community Network

The mayor and the city council can now make informed decisions with real-time analytics and transparent communication from real people in their community.

How it works
Our Team

The Team

The Team

Our Investor:

Our Investor
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